CMS Data Element Library - FHIR Implementation Guide

CMS Data Element Library - FHIR Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.0.1). See the Directory of published versions

CMS Data Element Library - FHIR Implementation Guide

In 2014, the Social Security Act was amended to include the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act, which required the standardization and interoperability of patient assessment in specific categories for post-acute care (PAC) settings, including long-term care hospitals (LTCHs), home health agencies (HHAs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs). It focuses on standardizing data elements in specified quality measure domains and patient assessment domains for cross setting comparison and clinical information exchange, respectively

The CMS Data Element Library (DEL) supports the IMPACT Act requirements by serving as the centralized repository for CMS PAC assessment data elements and their associated health information technology (IT) standards to promote interoperability of patient data.

This implementation guide defines a way to store, retrieve, and use DEL data through a FHIR API. As the PAC assessments are updated on a regular basis, a DEL FHIR API can ensure EHRs have access to the most current data sets.

Questionnaire List

This document lists all the available questionnaires that are generated as a result of the public DEL migration.

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Data Mapping

The data mapping describes how all the fields in the DEL database map to fields in FHIR resources. This is a technical document that can be helpful when trying to figure out exactly how data is populated in FHIR resources.

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Developers Guide

The developers guide is intended to provide guidance to software developers who want to use the data in the DEL FHIR server. Use this guide if you want to build software that depends on the DEL FHIR server.

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